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Dalby Mountain Nature Reserve

Open: All Year: Daily
Price: FREE
Acquired: Manx National Trust November 1995
Disabled: Limited
Parking: Car Park Available
Size: 28 hectares, 69 acres


Traditional heather moorland which includes dry heath, wet heath and bogland. The reserve supports a range of wildlife and over 160 species of plant life. The plant life which roots here has to sustain strong winds and poor soil conditions. Much of the bedrock is Manx slate. Heather moorland is internationally rare as a habitat. This site hold an important position in the preservation of Island wildlife.

Hen Harriers, Red Grouse, Curlew, Snipe and Skylark are just some of the birds which live in heather moorlands. The area also has a wealth of beetles and moths. There is a public right of way and a public footpath for visitors. Remember the country code while exploring the area.


Near Dalby in the south of the Island.

By Vehicle:
Travel along the A27 between Peel and Colby. The site is located on Dalby Mountain.

By Bus:
This site is not served by a bus route.

By Railway:
This site is not served by the railways.


There is a convenient car park just off the A27, which is near the footpath. The public right of way leads to Eary Cushin, Manx National Heritage land. The site can be very windy and is mainly exposed. There are no conveniences or shelters, so be prepared.

Dalby Mountain Nature Reserve

Dalby Mountain Nature Reserve

Dalby Mountain Nature Reserve

Dalby Mountain Nature Reserve

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