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Nook of Kings Cooill y Ree 

Open: All Year: Daily
Price: FREE
Disabled: Access
Location: St Johns
Parking: Available in Car Park


The inspiration for this park was taken from the history of the Isle of Man. Starting with the earliest cultures and looking to the future. The Avenue of Time is the main axis through the park. It runs east to west and continues the line started at the St John's chapel and moving towards Tynwald Hill (also known as the Processional Way). This line represents the first Millennium and ends at a viewing point. The best way to view the park is from the viewing platform next to Tynwald Hill, which overlooks the park from an elevated position. The park will be further developed with the placement of art, features and plantings to represent the changing culture over time. The park borders a wildlife sanctuary and seasonal wet area, where natural vegetation is encouraged.


Cooill y Ree is located next to Tynwald Hill in the village of St John's near Peel in the midwest part of the island.
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By Vehicle:
St John's is near Peel along the A1.

By Bus:
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By Railway:
St John's is not accessible by the Railways.

Visiting Cooill y Ree

This pleasant park is still evolving into something. It can seem rather bare outside of summer, though does offer a relaxing walk on wide flat paths. The main entrance has a lot of steps down into the park, but the west gate offers parking and disabled access. Some may find it easier to enter that way. The board walk on the edge of the park which borders the wetlands and a wildlife sanctuary is very nice.

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