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Herring Road (Bayr ny Skeddan)

Distance: 22.5km, 14 miles
Parking: Ample
Waymarker: Herring on blue sign

About the Herring Road (Herring Way)

Known as 'Bayr ny Skeddan' in Manx, this path will take you from the coast at Peel to Castletown by way of Glen Maye and South Barrule. It was the route once taken by Manx fishermen as they journeyed between the two ports.

Route Plan

Herring Road Trail
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Walking the Herring Road (Herring Way)

  1. Starting from Castletown Harbour follow the Silverburn river up to Ballasalla.
  2. Pass by Rushen Abbey and to Monks Bridge.
  3. Follow onto Silverdale and through Silverdale Glen.
  4. Now on the road to Ballamodha, but turning off heading for Moaney Moar.
  5. Continue on for about a mile till you come to a main road where the route turns left and follows the road before turning off again to the right and back into the country.
  6. Now the route goes through Cringle Plantation and at the end of it meets a more main road.
  7. Follow the main road on to the Round Table, crossing over the A36.
  8. Continuing on beside Rushen Glen Plantation and then shortly after on the other side past the Slieau Mooar Plantation.
  9. At the end of the Slieau Mooar Plantation the route turns right off the main road.
  10. Follow the route and in about half a mile it will go into the Lhargan Plantation.
  11. In just under a mile the route goes out of the Lhargan Plantation and runs alongside of it till it comes to a main road.
  12. The route now turns left going between the Lhargan and Arrasey Plantations, and then follows along the side of Arrasey Plantation.
  13. Following this road in the direction of Glen Maye , the route will turn off to the left heading for the Glen.
  14. Pass by Glen Maye and even stop to enjoy this beautiful place, before continuing on to the coast.
  15. The route is now with running with the Road of the Gull along the west coast of the Island.
  16. About 1 1/2 miles later the two trails with split and Herring Trail will head inland to the outskirts of Peel.
  17. The route will come near the mill and then continue along the outside of Peel moving down to towards the coast.

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Castle Rushen and harbour in Castletown

Herring Road in Ballasalla

Monks Bridge in Ballasalla

Herring Road End in Peel

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