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Heritage Trail

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 16km, 10miles
Parking: Ample

About the Heritage Trail

This path follows the old Douglas to Peel railway line. The trail follows the Steam Railway Station, but does not start or end where it once did. On the Douglas side it starts at Quarter bridge and on the Peel side it ends near the parking lot of the House of Manannan (partly built out of the old railway station). Information signs are posted about the path as well as picnic stops. Refreshment can be obtained from some of the main villages on the trail like Crosby and St John.

Route Plan

Heritage Trail
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Walking the Heritage Trail

  1. The trail starts from Quarterbridge in Douglas.
  2. Follow along the disused Douglas to Peel Steam Railway line till the trail comes to Braddan Bridge.
  3. Follow the trail along the railway line beside the River Dhoo.
  4. Next pass through Union Mills and then into the district of Marown.
  5. After passing near Glen Vine, the trail comes within sight of St. Runius church.
  6. Detour slightly and take a look at the St. Runius Church before rejoining the route to Peel.
  7. Continuing on, the trail now begins to run alongside the Greeba River and into the Curragh, where there is a picnic area.
  8. Following the trail on note passing under a main road. At this point there is a detour to see a round house site. Take the main road going north (right of the trail) and follow it towards Ballacraine. The site is on the left side of the road. Return the same way to rejoin the trail.
  9. There is another picnic stop near the junction of another disused railway line, which heads south.
  10. The trail now moves on towards the village of St. John's. At the underpass of the next main road, detour from the trail to visit this historical village. Follow the main road on the right side of the trail to St. John's. There see Tynwald Hill, Tynwald Church, and Tynwald Museum, before returning to the trail and on to Peel.
  11. Continuing along the trail, pass the point where the railway line splits on the right and goes north.
  12. Passing between the Abbey in the distance on the right and the River Neb on the left, the trail comes to another picnic area.
  13. Heading close to Peel, the trail passes the golf course.
  14. Following along the outside of the city, pass the Mills and continue on into Peel.
  15. The trail ends with the House of Manannan. Enjoy the City of the West.

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Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail

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