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Steam Railway

Open: Summer Season: Mar 9th - Nov 5th 2018: Daily, See Rail Timetable
Santa Trains: TBA
Price: PRICES FOR 2018

Returns from £5.20
Douglas to Port Erin Return £12.40
Children 5 - 15 HALF PRICE
Children under 5 FREE (restrictions apply)
Disabled: Limited Access
Parking: Ample


Only one line of a once vast Steam Railway system remains on the Isle of Man. Originally built in the late 1800's the 3 feet track gauge lines covered about fifty miles. Now only the southern line, operating since 1874 continues. It covers around 15 miles from Douglas to Port Erin. Saved by the Marquis of Ailsa, who bravely funded the continuation of the line after competition from other forms of transport threaten the line with closure in the 1960's. The line was taken over by the Manx Government in the 1970's to run as a tourist attraction. The Southern Steam Railway line still runs as the longest narrow gauge steam line in British Isles. The trains date from 1874 and are maintained largely by local workshops and smithy.


Douglas: Start/End Stop
Port Soderick: Stop
Santon: Request Stop
Ballasalla: Stop
Ronaldsway: Request Stop
Castletown: Stop
Ballabeg: Request Stop
Colby: Stop
Level: Request Stop
Port St Mary: Stop
Port Erin: Start/End Stop

Travelling on the Steam Railway

For most the journey begins in Douglas at the old Victorian Station. There you will find a true beginning for a railway frozen in time. As you make your way to the board, there are often two or more options of seating. An open carriage for about twenty people to sit in and first and second class carriages which are divided into sections seating about six each. There is no prior arrangements for seating. It is first come, first served. After making your selection you just have to wait for departure.

The train passes through the countryside. From all sides are trees, grasslands and farms. In the distant on one side, the sea. Never has there been a more pleasant way to travel 15 miles. The journey from start (Douglas/Port Erin) to end (Port Erin/Douglas) takes about 60 minutes. The time will go fast, if you enjoy taking in the views, chatting or reading and are not too bothered by the rolling shake of the carriage.

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Steam Train near Castletown

Steam Train at Douglas Station

Steam Train over Nunnery Bridge, Douglas

Steam Train

Steam Train at Port Erin Station

Steam Train at Castletown Station

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