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Ayres National Nature Reserve

Open: End of May till end of Sept: Tuesday - Sunday, 2pm - 5pm
Price: FREE
Disabled: Access Limited
Location: Bride
Parking: Ample in Car Park
Size: 272 hectares, 670 acres
Suitable: All
Type: Coastal


The Ayres is the newest part of the Isle of Man with its raised beach formed 5000 years ago. Coastline sand dunes mix with coarse Marram grass which stablises the loose sand and allows other plant species to grow. Marram is also known as bent and was used to thatch cottages. Gorse is a dominate plant in the area and can be see in many different types.

Many birds can be seen along the reserve, including Gannets, oyster-catchers, cormorants and ring plovers. Whales, basking sharks and grey seals can sometimes be spotted off the coast.


In the north of the Island, near Bride.

By Vehicle:
Along the A10 between Bride and Ballaugh, take a narrow road to the coast. The site is marked with a small sign on the A10.

By Bus:
Not accessible by bus.

By Railway:
Not accessible by the railways.


A great place to walk, especially in the summer. The beach has soft golden sand and is an easy place to walk along. There are well marked paths through the reserve and during the summer months the reserve visitor centre is open complete with warden. Best way to find out more about what goes on around the nature reserve.

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Ayres National Nature Reserve

Ayres National Nature Reserve

Ayres National Nature Reserve

Ayres National Nature Reserve

Ayres National Nature Reserve

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