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Difficulty: Medium/Easy
Major Climbs/Descents: St. John's to Snuff the Wind lead mine, Garey to Glen Maye
Total Distance: 10 miles/16 kilometres

About the Route

The route starts off at the harbour in Peel, going along the coast and inland to St John. There is a pretty long climb up a hill near St John, but it can be avoided with a marked detoured. Excellent chance to view the Glen Maye with its waterfall and rocky coast. The route also passes through Kirk Patrick as it returns to Peel.

Route Plan

Cycle Route 4
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Ride the Route

  1. Start at the House of Manannan and follow the Quay and right along side of the promenade.
  2. Turn right up Walpole Road.
  3. Turn right at the T junction, then left shortly after onto Church Street.
  4. At the end of Church Street, turn left onto Derby Road and follow it out of town.
  5. On the A20 now, pass the Poortown Quarry on your left and continue on this road.
  6. After the double bend, turn right onto a narrow lane going down hill to a stone bridge over the Neb River.
  7. A short detour to the Woollen Mills and Crafts Centre is a turn right just after crossing the bridge. Return the same way.
  8. Carry on this narrow lane through trees and after 1/2 mile Tynwald Hill will be on your left.
  9. Go straight across the cross roads and continue through the Village of St. John's for 1/4 miles.
  10. Turn sharply right onto Patrick Road and cross the stone bridge.
  11. There is a Detour if you do not wish to take on the hill. You will then rejoin the main route at Kirk Patrick.
  12. After crossing the bridge, carry on straight. This is the A30 (4A) to Kirk Patrick.
  13. Just after the bridge, turn left and proceed up the hill. The road is quite steep in places and carries on for about 2 miles.
  14. When you come to the end of this road near the old lead mine, Snuff the Wind, turn right.
  15. 1.5 miles later you begin the 2 mile decent down a narrow winding lane into Glen Maye. At the end of this lane is a T junction.
  16. Detour to the left takes you to Glen Maye, its waterfall and beach. Return on the same road and carry on straight.
  17. Turn right onto the A27 road to Peel. After 2 miles you will reach Kirk Patrick
  18. Continue on the A27 over the River Neb and into Peel City.
  19. After another 1/2 mile you will be at the top of Station Hill, turn left and make your way to the harbour. You will then be back at The House of Manannan and at the end of this Route.

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House of Manannan

Tynwald Hill in St Johns

St Johns Village


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