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Difficulty: Easy
Extra Routes off Main: St. Michael's Isle and Langness (6 miles/10 kilometres), Silverdale (1.5 miles/2 kilometres)
Major Climbs/Descents: None
Total Distance: 13 miles/20 kilometres

About the Route

This route covers more gentle slopes and passes through the town centre of Castletown and village of Ballasalla, as well as nearby countryside. The tour of St Mark's is easily done by all ages and levels of fitness. There are two main detour routes to Silverdale and Langness, which offer sites away from the more main well travelled roads.

Route Plan

Cycle Route 2
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Ride the Route

  1. Start at the Castletown Steam Railway Station, turn right to get on the A5.
  2. Turn left at the mini roundabout and go along the side of Castletown Harbour. This is Victoria Road.
  3. Continue along the side of the harbour on Bridge Street and past the Nautical Museum along Douglas Street.
  4. At College Green the road forks and you have the chance to detour along the Langness coastline. Follow the A12 to the 2A.
  5. To see over the causeway to St Michael's Isle follow the 2A till you See signs for 2B. The road forks, take 2B (Note: Passes by Golf Course.).
  6. To see the fort Derby Round Tower continue along the 2A to its end (Note: Passes by Golf Course.).
  7. Follow the way you came back again to rejoin the original route.
  8. Take Shore Road to the the A5 and turn right to go along Douglas Road and past the Airport.
  9. Continue along till you come to the mini roundabout at Ballasalla, go off the A5 and straight head to the A26 through the village.
  10. At the second mini roundabout go right, so you continue on the A26 to St Mark's.
  11. At St Mark's take the left fork at the church to join the B30.
  12. follow the road as it goes left and past the pet's cemetery.
  13. Turn left moving onto B29 and continue on this road till reaching the A34 back to Ballasalla (Note: Both of these roads are quiet lanes, but beware of traffic due to poor visibility.).
  14. On the outskirts of Ballasalla you have the option to detour to Silverdale on the 2C.
  15. Turn right to join the 2C, follow a leafy lane for about a mile into Silverdale.
  16. To return to the main route follow the same lane back to the junction and right to rejoin the A34.
  17. Just before the mini roundabout turn right and go over the Silverburn by the bridge.
  18. You will now be passing Rushen Abbey. Follow the Abbey wall and after 1/4 mile turn right at the T junction (Note: The turn off leads onto a busy road.).
  19. Turn left at Cross Four Roads into Malew Road, pass the Malew Church and back into Castletown.
  20. Cross over the main road and into the old town and dismount to walk along Malew Street into Market Square.
  21. This is the end of the route. To get back to Castletown Steam Railway Station leave by Castle Street and then along The Quay.
  22. Cross the bridge over the harbour and travel along the harbour on Douglas Street and at the mini roundabout turn left.
  23. Follow the road and turn right onto Station Road which leads to Castletown Steam Railway Station.

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Steam Railway

Ronaldsway Airport

Silverdale Glen

Rushen Abbey

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