The Decoy Bride

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Decoy Bride Decoy Bride

PRODUCER Paul Ritchie, Douglas Rae, Robert Bernstein, Matt Delargy, Steve Christian, Marc Samuelson, Andrew Fingret
DIRECTOR Sheree Folkson
STARRING David Tennant, Kelly MacDonald, Alice Eve
FILMED Jun & Jul 2010
When the famous film star Lara's wedding is invaded by the press. The happy couple opt to move the big day to the remote Island of Hegg. The reality of this island turns out to be very different to what the groom, a famous author, wrote about in one of his books. Can Lara's manager transform the sleepy and greedy backwater into the perfect wedding dream for Lara. And when the wedding is found out again, can the star pull off a decoy bride to throw everyone off the scent. Everything still might end in tears if Lara's future husband James find the decoy might be the better wife!
TYPE Comedy
RUN TIME 89 Minutes
ORIGINAL RELEASE Cannes Film Festival May 2011
COST 2,500,000

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