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The Many Lives of Albert Walker (Albert Walker and The Albert Walker Story)

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The Many Lives of Albert Walker
The Many Lives of Albert Walker The Many Lives of Albert Walker

PRODUCER Sophie Gardiner
(Alliance Atlantis for the BBC and Canadian broadcaster CTV.)
STARRING John Gordon Sinclair, Robert Putt, Lesley Dunlop, Emma Buckley, John Benfield, Alan Scarfe, Sarah Manninen, Paul Copely.
FILMED October 2001
Based on the events surrounding the con-man Albert Walker. It is a story of betrayal, murder and deception. British police detective DC George Meyrick is put on the case of a dead body discovered in the nets of a fishing trawler. The body is identified as Ronald Peck and he was murdered. Meyrick gets help finding Peck's family from American Businessman Paul Morrow and his young wife Helen, but soon finds out that Morrow and his wife have taken over the identities of Peck and his girlfriend Jean Crowley. Meyrick goes on to uncover the many different identities of Morrow, whose real name is Albert Walker. Now under suspicion by the police, the couple go on the run leaving Meyrick to discover the mystery surrounding them, which would include missing millions and family secrets.
TYPE Triller/Drama
RUN TIME 90 Minutes
ORIGINAL RELEASE BBC 1, March 25th 2002

Nothing Sacred: The Multiple Lives And Betrayals Of Al Walker
Alan C. Cairns
Seal Books, Paperback, 1998
ISBN: 0770427669
List Price: £3.47
Used Price: £0.96
Third Party Price: £1.50
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