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Paranoid Paranoid

PRODUCER Paul Trijbits, Gareth Neame (Portman Entertainment and Sky Pictures)
DIRECTOR John Duigan
STARRING Jessica Alba, Jeanne Tripplehom, lain Glen, Ewen Bremner, Kevin Whately and Mischa Barton.
FILMED May 1999
Chloe Keane is an American model living and working in London. She is a rising star on the fashion front, but beneath the glamour things are not so great. Chloe has her share of admirers, but are any of them what they seem. There is Clive, the married peeping Tom, who watches her through the window with binoculars. Then there is Toby, the man she is dating, who is more interested in her then she is in him. But there is also Ned, a fashion photographer, who has taken her interest and invites her on a weekend trip away in the country. Eager to get away after a series of strange and obscene phone calls, Chloe jumps at the opportunity. Though shortly after arriving things go bad as Chloe is left with a house full of strangers and things take a scary turn towards paranoia.
TYPE Thriller
RUN TIME 93 Minutes

Paranoid [1999]
John Duigan
Cinema Club, DVD, 28 October, 2002
List Price: £5.99
New Price: £4.98
Used Price: £3.76
Third Party Price: £3.84
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Paranoid [1999]
John Duigan
Cinema Club, VHS Tape, 22 April, 2002
List Price: £5.99
Used Price: £18.50
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Paranoid [2000] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
John Duigan
Ventura Distribution, DVD, 25 September, 2001
Used Price: £11.93
Third Party Price: £15.60
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