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The Gathering

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The Gathering
The Gathering The Gathering

PRODUCER Marc Samuelson, Peter Samuelson, Pippa Cross (Samuelson Productions and Granada Film)
DIRECTOR Brian Gilbert
STARRING Christina Ricci, Kerry Fox, Ioan Gruffudd, Stephen Dillane, Harry Forrester, Jessica Mann
FILMED September/October 2001
Deep in the English countryside near Glastonbury an ancient church is discovered with a scary mural by two teenagers. The mural is an eye witness account of the Crucifixion, but instead of showing Christ it shows those who gathered to watch. Shortly after Cassie, a young American backpacker stumbles into the village and becomes involved in the local happenings. Cassie begins to hallucinate and believe scary strangers are following her and shares premonitions of terrible happenings with the young son of the family she is staying with. Simon, a religious archaeologist, is asked to investigate the strange mural and piece together the mystery connecting it to the village and its inhabitants.
TYPE Supernatural Thriller
RUN TIME 96 Minutes
ORIGINAL RELEASE Cannes Film Festival
COST $17 Million US Dollars

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