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Before You Go (Memory of Water)

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Before You Go (Memory of Water)

PRODUCER Eoin O'Callaghan (Big Fish Productions)
DIRECTOR Lewis Gilbert
STARRING Julie Walters, Patricia Hodge, John Hannah, Dermot Crowley, Joanne Whalley, Victoria Hamilton, Raquel Cassidy and Hugh Ross.
FILMED June/July 2001
Three sisters come together for the funeral of their mother in a small village. The youngest, Catherine, acts younger then her age and always wants attention. The middle sister, Mary, has ghostly visions of her late mother. The eldest, Teresa, is the controlling workaholic. The only thing the sisters have in common is their men. All of which seem to be useless. Even through the differences they all share the same feelings about their mother, who they never really understood or knew very well. As the skeletons come out the family is seen to be far from perfect.
TYPE Comedy/Drama
RUN TIME 94 Minutes

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Before You Go (2002)
Eiv, VHS Tape, 21 April, 2003
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