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Mistress of Spices

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The Mistress of Spices
PRODUCER Deepak Nayer
DIRECTOR Paul Berges and Gurinder Chadra
STARRING Aishwarya Rai, Dylan McDermott
FILMED Feb 2005
Tilo is from Asia and is just coming to terms with her new home in America. She is a Mistress of Spices and it is a life calling, not just a job. Running a store in California, Tilo has a gift of being able to tell what people need and giving them the right spices. This gift has a price though. Tilo cannot leave the store, she is not allowed to touch another human and only love the spices. It would seem like hard calling, but everything was going to plan till a handsome American man enters the store. Suddenly there is trouble in the world of spices and Tilo will have to make a choice.
TYPE Comedy/Romance
RUN TIME 92 Minutes
CERTIFICATION Ireland 12, UK 12, Australia M, USA PG-13
ORIGINAL RELEASE Toronto International Film Festival

The Mistress of Spices
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
Black Swan, Paperback, 05 February, 1998
ISBN: 055299670X
List Price: £6.99
New Price: £5.99
Used Price: £0.01
Third Party Price: £2.75
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The Mistress of Spices (Macmillan Guided Readers)
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Anne Collins
Macmillan ELT, Paperback, 11 August, 2003
ISBN: 0333999681
List Price: £3.30
Used Price: £22.99
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