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Secret Society

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Secret Society

PRODUCER Vesna Jovanoska, David Pupkewitz (ena Film GmbH and Focus Films)
DIRECTOR Imogen Kimmel
STARRING Charlotte Brittain, Lee Ross, Annette Badland, James Hooton, Lisa Jane Riley, and Charles Dale.
FILMED June/July 1999
Daisy is a large twenty year old woman married to Ken a slim unemployed dreamer. When Ken's dreams fail to bring in the money, Daisy is forced to take a factory job to make the rent and pay the bills. Daisy notices, while working at the factory, that her boss Marlene grants special privileges to a select group of large women. Finding her way into the fold, Daisy learns of a Secret Society of sumo wrestlers, who know how to love and use their bodies. Daisy may have to make a hard choice, though, when Ken finds out about the society and his wife's part in it.
TYPE Comedy
RUN TIME 98 Minutes
CERTIFICATION MA (Australia), PG (Singapore)

Secret Society [2000] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
Imogen Kimmel
First Run Features, DVD, 17 December, 2002
Used Price: £8.33
Third Party Price: £8.29
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