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Manx Food and Drink

The Isle of Man has many unique local specialities, which have evolved on the island over its long history. The Manx people have long enjoyed fresh fish from the sea surrounding the island, as well as local produce.

Manx Meat
Locally raised sheep, cows and pigs provide a variety of meats available in the shops. Remember to look out for meat marked as Manx.

Manx Dairy
The Isle of Man has its own Dairy, which produces milk, cream, cheeses, yogurts, and much more.

Manx Farms
Many of the farms about the island sell garden produce, milk and eggs direct to the public. Look out for signs at the roadside.

ManX (Manx Spirit)
A malt whisky, matured in oak casks. This re-distilled mature whisky has a deep aroma and intense taste.

Okell's Brewery (The Manx Brewery)
The Isle of Man Brewery producing Ales and Lagers, served in Pubs around the island.

Manx Ice Cream
Davisons Home Made are the largest producers of Manx ice cream on the island. Most of the corner shops (newsagents), tea rooms, and ice cream parlours serve Davison ice cream. It is creamy, rich flavoured ice cream which comes in 60 flavours.

Manx Chocolates
Locally made chocolates are also produced by Davisons Home Made and sold in their Ice Cream Parlors located in Ramsey, Peel, and Port Erin.

Local Speciality Dishes

Manx Kipper
A tradition on the Isle of Man since the late 1800s. Herrings are caught locally during the months of July and August. Then they are then processed at local factories, where they are cut, salted and smoked with oak chips to give them a unique flavor. Kippers can be bought from shops or restaurants.

Queen Scallop
(Manx Queenies) This light dish can be found at most restaurants and is served with a white or cheese sauce.

A scone like crumbly cake served in Manx Tea Rooms.

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