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Isle of Man Postal Service


The Isle of Man Postal Service was originally a part of the United Kingdom's Royal Mail, but has been independent since the 5th July 1973. It was from this date that the Isle of Man began to issue stamps with its own unique designs for use only on the island, which have since become popular with philatelists throughout the world.

Interesting Facts

Only stamps issued by Isle of Man Post are valid for use on the island.

When sending mail to the island from elsewhere the Isle of Man is treated as though it were part of the United Kingdom.

The Isle of Man uses postcodes which begin with IM, but they are not part of the standard Royal Mail database, which can cause problems ordering products online.

It costs less to send a letter from the Isle of Man to the UK than it costs to send 1st class letters within the UK.

Mail leaving the Isle of Man enters the 1st class stream of the UK's Royal Mail.

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