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There is a mix of culture and people living on the Isle of Man. From the native Manx to immigrants from South Africa, the island is as mixed as the United Kingdom and flourishes because of it. Most people are of Irish, Welsh, Scottish and British descent, but this is expected due to the location of the island between the United Kingdom and Ireland. The island has seen large numbers of immigrants in recent years, but there are still plenty of locals. The Manx are of Celtic and Viking descent. This has greatly effected the culture on the island, which has strong roots in Celtic and Viking traditions.

The standard of living on the island is very good. There is almost no unemployment and strong community spirit. Many compare life on the island to be much like it is in northern England or Wales, and they would not be far wrong. The Isle of Man is a scene of small sea side towns and villages with a quiet and more relaxed way of life. Where things get done in their own time.

The Isle of Man has a very low crime rate. This could be due to a mixture of low unemployment and high community spirit. The island does tend to take a very hard line on criminal offences. Even small crimes are often given high fines or jail time.

There is a National Health scheme on the Isle of Man. It resembles that of the UK, but does not have the long waiting lists. Most of the general treatments and surgeries are done on the island, but for more complicated procedures the Isle of Man Government sends patients to the UK for private treatment there.

The Education system on the Isle of Man runs much like that of the UK. Students attend school from 4/5 years to 16 years with an optional additional two. Exams for SAT, GCSE, and A level are the same as in the UK, except for the native language Manx, which has its own exams. One minor difference is that French is taught from 8 years old.

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