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There are currently four analogue television stations broadcast to Isle of Man residents over the terrestrial network. They are BBC North West, BBC2, ITV Borders and Channel 4.

Viewers wishing to receive either Channel 5 or digital television can do so using Sky Digital. Digital terrestrial (FreeView) is only available in certain areas of the north and west of the island who are within the range of UK based transmitters.

Currently there is no local Isle of Man television station, but there has been discussion on the subject and it may become a reality at some time in the future.

Isle of Man residents are required to hold a TV license to make use of TV tuning equipment. Forms may be obtained from local post offices.


There are three local radio stations on the Isle of Man, they are Manx Radio, Energy FM and 3FM.

Manx Radio is owned by the Isle of Man Government and operates a wide range of programs designed to meet the needs of local residents.

Energy FM is a music and information radio station targeting a core adult audience of 15 to 45 year olds.

3FM is aimed primarily at the over-35 audience and majority owned by Isle of Man residents.

The Isle of Man also receives all the BBC radio stations and Classic FM.

It is anticipated that a long wave radio station will soon start broadcasting from the island, its target audience being Northern Europe.


Three newspapers are published on the Isle of Man, the Courier, the Manx Independent and the Isle of Man Examiner. All three of these papers are published by Isle of Man Newspapers.

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