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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Where exactly is the 'Isle of Man'?
A. The Isle of Man lies in the Irish Sea between Scotland and Ireland. It is about 77 miles northwest of Liverpool, England. Geography

Q. Is it easy to get around the island?
A. YES! Whether you bring your vehicle on the boat, rent a car, ride on public buses, or use the vintage transport. The Isle of Man operates much like any place in the UK. Transportation

Q. Does the island have places for Kids?
A. Indeed it does. Most of the 'Story of Mann' is designed with kids or families in mind. There are also beaches, pools, and water sports. Cinemas, ten pin bowling, and much more. The island also has an extensive wildlife park. Wildlife Park

Q. Does everyone on the island speak Manx?
A. The everyday language of the Isle of Man is British English. Few people speak the native Manx Language. Manx Language

Q. Is the Isle of Man part of the UK?
A. No, the Isle of Man is a crown dependency which has its own laws, courts, and government. The Government on the Isle of Man is a parliament called Tynwald. Government

Q. What entertainment is there on the island?
A. The island has many pubs, clubs and restaurants as well as a Victorian theatre, casino and arts centre. There is something for everyones tastes available throughout the year.

Q. Are there many options for shopping?
A. There is a variety of shopping available on the island, from well known UK high street shops, to local craft, art and woollen shops. Tynwald Mills and Craft Centre

Q. What currency do I need for my visit?
A. The Isle of Man uses pound sterling, the same as the UK. It does however print its own notes and coins, which look slightly different to the UK equivalent. Currency from the UK is perfectly acceptable to use on the island.

Q. Do I need my passport to visit the island?
A. No. The Isle of Man is part of the common travel area for the UK. So there is no need to carry a passport if you are coming from the travel area of the UK, Republic of Ireland or the Channel Islands. However many airlines do require passengers to show photo ID before boarding the plane.

Q. What is the STD Dialing Code for the Isle of Man?
A. That would be 01624.

Q. Can I Send Letters with UK Stamps?
A. No. The Isle of Man issues its own stamps and though they may look like or even be priced the same as in the UK, you will need to buy Manx Stamps to send letters from the Island.

Q. Will I be able to bring my caravan to the Island?
A. The Isle of Man does not allow trailer caravans on the Island without a permit. Motor Caravans are welcomed.

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