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Summer Trees Island Glens

And there was beauty before me, which captured my senses and made me a prisoner in a place of wonder where few return untouched to the soul. -SS

The Isle of Man is a natural garden, since over 40 percent of its land is unpopulated and uncultivated. The valleys between hills and coast offer thriving conditions for wild vegetation. There are two types of glen, coastal and mountain. The coastal glens lead off to sandy beaches and the mountain glens to streams and rocky pools.

There are 17 National Glens and many other non-national glens scattered about the Isle of Man. Each has its own special beauty and wonder. The glens vary in how easy or hard they are to walk around. Please make note of this fact and consider which glens are suitable.

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Summerhill Glen

Colby Glen

Silverdale Glen

Dhoon Glen

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