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Manx Cat

The Breed

A stocky, solidly built cat with a short back and compact body. It has long back legs which are noticeably longer then the front legs. Covered in a dense double coat the cats can weigh on average 10 to 12 pounds for males and 8 to 10 pounds for females. A highly intelligent and affectionate breed often referred to as the "Dog Cat".

The Manx breed is the result of spontaneous mutation, which occurred hundreds of years ago. This mutation caused kittens to be born without the vertebrae which forms a normal cat tail. The isolation of the cats on an island meant years of inbreeding produced dominate gene traits, which we now recognise as the Manx Cat.


  • Rumpy - Completely tailless.
  • Riser - Bit of stump at base of spine.
  • Stumpy - A short stump of a tail.
  • Longy - A visible short tail.

    Mythology and Folklore of the Manx Cat

    There are many ideas as to how the Manx Cats might have come into being. Listed here are some of such tales ...

    When filling the ark and the rains came down, Noah closed the door and caught the tail of a cat.

    Cats from ships wrecked on the coasts around the Isle of Man came ashore and made the Island their home.

    Mother cats bit off the tails of their kittens to keep them from being snatched by the invading Scandinavians, who cut off the tails and used them for decorating their helmets.

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  • Manx Cat in Old Laxey

    Manx Cat at Castle Rushen

    Manx Cat at Farrants Fort

    Manx Cat along Laxey River

    Manx Cat in Peel

    Manx Cat in Peel

    Manx Cat in Maughold

    Manx Cat on Ramsey Rail Tracks

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