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Beautiful Danger: 101 Great Road Racing Photographs
Beautiful Danger: 101 Great Road Racing Photographs
Blackstaff Press Ltd, Hardcover, 15 October, 2003
Author: Stephen Davison
ISBN: 085640747X
List Price: £16.99
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Customer Reviews

The magic of road racing
This book is an excellent representation of what road racing is all about. The pictures are all very evocative, and the comments help to give a background to what you are looking at. Its saddening to read just how many of those photographed are no longer with us.

The book covers a wide timeframe, with photos from as recent as 2003, and also plenty of black and white pictures from the 50s. It gives a fascinating insight into how road racing has changed over then years - basically same roads, different bikes!

My only critiscism of the book is that, as with all similar books, some of the double page spreads are a tad spoiled by the binding, but this is a small gripe, and certainly does not spoil the work.

If you have ever been to a road race, the book should bring back plenty of awesome memories. If you havent been, it will give you an insight into the magic of this sport. A little bit of madness in todays overly-sane world.

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