TT 2003 Review
TT 2003 Review
Duke Video, DVD, 21 July, 2003
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This record of the 2003 Isle of Man TT festival features some of the most exciting races shown for years. The actual racing itself is what matters when it comes to deciding wether or not it is a worthwhile DVD and this one clearly is.
How can you worry about the lack of extra features when you have on board action such as the 1000cc production race as good as this, (Adrian Archibald on the 1000cc Suzuki snapping the throttle open as hard as this shows us that these guys are really Gods.)

watch from the air as Richard Britton blows the engine up on his bike leaving a smoke trail as far as the eye can see or Milky Quayle making a very slight error and suffering enormous consequences for it. The action is here also with some unbelievably out of control supersport 600s and John McGuiness on his tank slapping Ducati. If you liked TT 2002 then this is a far higher intake in the excitement zone.

An unusually poor production from Duke
Each year, I eagerly await the TT video (or DVD) from Duke Marketing and with this year's festival being tinged with such sadness, I expected a bit of extra effort.

Sure enough, the DJ tribute is there but for some reason, it seems wholly dispassionate and matter of fact. The coverage of the races is first class as usual but the whole disc smacks of a rushed and frankly cobbled together production.

It's hard to put my finger on exactly what lets it down but compared with some of their previous efforts, this one seems disjointed. The DVD 'extras' don't really amount to much and most of them would simply have appeared in the main body of the video a year or so back.

If you're just looking for a record of the races, this is a five star DVD (the usual Keith Huewen commentary is there, thankfully) but as a record of this year's whole TT festival, I think you may feel a sense of disappointment.

Come on Duke, you can do (and have done) better than this.

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