Thursday, September 19, 2019
Me Without You

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Me Without You

PRODUCER Finola Dwyer (Dakota Films)
DIRECTOR Sandra Goldbacher
STARRING Anna Friel, Michelle Williams, Trudie Styler, Kyle MacLachlan, Oliver Milburn, Marianne Denicourt and Steve John Shepherd.
FILMED November/December 2000
A story of two best friends, Marina and Holly, who when young make a vow to be best friends forever. Growing up in North London the girls come from different backgrounds and see life in different ways as they grow up together. Marina comes from a troubled background of divorce and goes on a self destructive path of drugs and random unpredictability. Holly is a dreamer with an over protective mother and a love of books. Together they experience the trials and joys of life, but the two friends find that the promises and dreams of childhood are a world away from the realities of real life as adults.
TYPE Drama
RUN TIME 107 Minutes
ORIGINAL RELEASE Venice Film Festival

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