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Laxey Woollen Mills

Open: All Year (2023): Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm
Price: Free
Disabled: Limited Access
Step at entrance and stairs to second floor
Location: Laxey
Parking: Ample, close by in Car Park


The Laxey Woollen Mills are best known for their Manx Tartans. Used to make a variety of items from hats, scarfs and kilt skirts to capes and rugs. The Mill was founded by John Ruskin in 1881. The cloth is made of fine Loghtan (a sheep native to the island) wool and woven on traditional style looms. The Laxey District Tartan shows the colours of the island - mainly purple (from heather), blue (of the skies), yellow (of the gorse), green (of the hills), and white (of the clouds). There are many tartan combinations using a variety of colours which any Manx could wear with pride.

The Laxey has had a varied past with mills. One of which includes Ruskin Lace, which began in 1883 by John Ruskin and Albert Fleming. Both Trustees to the Guild of St George, a trust established to help craft workers start up their own businesses. One instance of this was restoring a local occupation of spinning and weaving. The first wheel for this came from the St George's Mills part of the Laxey Woollen Industry. Marion Twelves was the first to learn how to use the wheel and others wheels were made by local carpenters, so she could pass on the skill to others. In 1894, Marion Twelves set up her own industry and with the permission of John Ruskin, named her work after him.


From the Electric Railway Station take the road nearby, which goes under the railway bridge and descends down into lower Laxey. This road will be Church Hill going on to Glen Road. At the bottom of this road before it turns slightly is the Laxey Woollen Mills.

By Vehicle:
Located in the village of Laxey where the B11 crosses the A2 (road between Douglas and Ramsey). Follow instructions above.

By Bus:
Plan your journey with our Bus and Rail Timetables.

By Railway:
Take the Steam Railway to Douglas. The Electric Railway to Laxey Station. Follow instructions above.

Laxey Woollen Mills
Glen Road
Isle of Man
British Isles
Tel: +44 (0) 1624 861395

The Site

  • Cast Iron Loom
  • Wood Loom
  • Tartan Material and Clothing Shop
  • Local Gifts
  • Manx Clan Names Chart

  • Visiting the Laxey Woollen Mills

    The mill is mainly a working shop, which makes on site local tartans using original period looms from when the mill opened. The shop sells Manx tartans woven into just about everything imaginable. There are local Laxey and Manx gifts as well as clothes, material and much more. Do not miss the chance to see a working weaving mill with quality tartan products.

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    Laxey Woollen Mills

    Laxey Woollen Mills

    Laxey Woollen Mills

    Laxey Tartan being Woven

    Laxey Woollen Mills

    Laxey Woollen Mills

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