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Milner's Tower

Price: Free
Disabled: Not Suitable
Location: Port Erin
Parking: Available along sea front


Standing upon Bradda Headland overlooking Port Erin and its bay is Milner's Tower. Built in 1871 by the residences of Port Erin in honour of William Milner, a Liverpool safemaker (hense the shape of the tower in the form of a lock), who was a great benefactor of the town. The tower was meant to be built in secret as a surprise, but once Milner found out he donated much of the building cost.


In the town of Port Erin on Bradda Head overlooking the bay.

By Vehicle:
Port Erin is in the southwest part of the island. It can be reached by the heading south along the A5, following the signs.

By Bus:
Port Erin can be reached by the following bus routes: 1, 2, 2A, 8 X1, and X2. Traveling from Douglas, Castletown, Port St Mary and Peel.

By Railway:
Port Erin can be reached by the taking the Electric Railway to Douglas and then the Steam Railway to the Port Erin stop.

By only the Steam Railway, take the train to Port Erin.

Visiting the Milners Tower

Located on Bradda Head the tower is just a walk away from the town of Port Erin. Visitors can walk through Bradda Glen along the coastal path or they can take a path from furthering inland. The tower is open to the public and has over 40 spiral steps to its top. There amazing views of the surrounding towns, countryside and sea can be seen.

Milners Tower

Milners Tower

Milners Tower

Milners Tower

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