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Flag Signals

The following lays out the flag signals used during racing events. Only authorised personal may use flags during practices or races. All flag signals must be obeyed by the competitors.

National Flag Start
Green Flag Course clear
White Flag with 'V' Bad visibility warning
White Flag with 'SUN' Sun dazzle warning
White Flag Ambulance or slow moving intervention vehicle on circuit
Yellow Flag (Stationary) Danger, slow down, overtaking forbidden
Yellow Flag (Waved) Danger, slow down, prepare to stop, overtaking forbidden
Yellow Flag with Red Vertical Stripes Deterioration of track adhesion (oil)
White Flag with Diagonal Red Cross Deterioration of track adhesion (wet roads)
Red Flag Stop, all competitors
Black Flag with Orange Disk That competitor to stop immediately
Black and White Chequered Flag Finish of race or practice session

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