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NSC Track and Field


Please report to the office prior to using the facilities. This is located opposite the synthetic pitch.
During quieter periods the office may be unattended, Staff can be located out on the site.
Please follow all safety guidelines when using facilities or equipment.
Please park in car parks provided, keeping access gates clear at all times for emergency access.
The centre operates a no smoking policy in all areas.
No food or drink (Glass) to be taken onto the synthetic surfaces.
Please use the bins provided.
Changing facilities are provided with security lockers and showers. These are located near the 100m start of the track.
Toilets are located on each side of the main stand, with provisions for disabled access. In the event of an emergency please contact a member of staff immediately and follow all instructions given.

The track is an athlaprene/polytan synthetic surface.
It has 6 lanes with two 8 lane straights.
For safety reasons, we recommend spikes be worn when using the track, 6mm (track) 9mm (javelin).
Please do not use lanes 1 & 2 for training.
Whenever possible please follow the recommended lane usage during training.
Lanes 6 - 8: Hurdles
Lanes 4 - 5: 100m, 200m, 400m
Lanes 3 - 4: 800m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m, 10000m
Lanes 1 - 2: May be used for middle/long distance sessions upon request.
Please be aware of other athletes, coaches and staff whilst using the facilities giving warning prior to the start of each session.

The National Sports Centre provides at no additional charge a full compliment of track and field equipment.
Equipment must be signed out and returned to a member of staff after use, any damage may be charged at replacement cost.
Coaches, Adults (over 16) and officials only may sign equipment out.
Do not leave equipment lying around, when not in use store in appropriate areas/trolleys.
The centre may refuse access to the following equipment if there is no coach present during the session: High Jump, Pole Vault, Long/Tipple Jump, Throwing Implements/Areas, Hurdles.
Ensure the safety of all users when throwing implements are used the following will apply: If under 16, a qualified coach must be in attendance at all times during the session.
Please use the trolleys provided when moving/storying implements.
Always ensure the safety rope is in place in throwing area prior to throwing.
Please use the warning horn provided prior to each throw to warn other users.
A maximum of 2 implements per athlete may be signed out.
A maximum of 6 implements of any one type may be signed out per session.
Only one throwing area may be used at any one time.
Do not throw implements back to the throwing area, return by hand.
When using the cage, please ensure the gates are set at correct position for each thrower.
Please follow all the safety guidelines issued by staff. the centre operates within the safety guidelines provided by UK athletes. The centre reserves the right to withdraw or refuse equipment at anytime.


In Pulrose, near Douglas on the east side of the island.

By Vehicle:
Travel to Douglas and then follow signs to Pulrose.

By Bus:
Douglas can be reached by most main bus routes. Buses passing through Pulrose are 1, 1C, 2, 4, 4B, 14.

By Railway:
By Electric Railway, take the trams heading to Douglas. Then walk along the promenade to town to Lords Street. Continue along Lords Street as it turns into Peel Road and then continue on it to Pulrose, about a mile.
(Note: It is a long walk, there are always buses and in the summer a regular service by the Horse Drawn Trams.)

By Steam Railway, take the train to Douglas and then walk along Peel Road to Pulrose, about a mile away.

National Sports Centre
Groves Road
Isle of Man
Tel: +44 (0) 1624 688588

Information provided by the NSC
National Sports Centre Main Building

National Sports Centre Track

National Sports Centre Inside Main Building

National Sports Centre Swimming Pools

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