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Rally Visitors and Spectators

Regular rally spectators know that there is nothing more exciting than watching powerful cars competing on some of the fastest tarmac stages in Europe. Fast cars and pedestrians can be a potentially dangerous combination, especially as drivers fight to shave tenths of a second off their time. With an ever growing crowd of people eager to share the excitement of one of the most popular rally event in the UK , the safety of drivers, spectators and marshals continues to be a top priority. Promoting safety while rallying and making the event as safe as possible for all involved.

All Event Officials, Marshals, Timekeepers, Medical Crews and Recovery Teams are volunteers. It is physically impossible for marshals to cover every yard of a 10-mile stage, therefore organisers rely on spectators to obey the warning signs, act sensibly and think about their your own safety.

Rally cars can travel faster than motorway traffic, but are often on narrow, twisting roads. Please do not walk, stand, sit or cycle on a special stage road or at a junction where a car might slide off the road.

Remember on the Isle of Man roads are closed under an act of Tynwald (Manx Parliament). Walking on a stage can mean you are liable to prosecution for breaking the law. The National Rally has an excellent safety record and to keep it that way they need your help. Follow the safety guidelines in the programme and on the signs at special stages. If you are asked to move by the marshals or the safety cars that run in front of the first competitors, please do so. If you or other spectators stand in a dangerous place, the stage will be cancelled (a stage was cancelled in 2004 due to a lack of marshals compared to the large number of spectators) and everyone will miss out on the excitement of seeing top rally drivers in action.

Rally cars are being driven on the limit, so accidents can - and do - happen. Response to incidents involving competitors will be covered by on site and call outs to a wide range of highly-skilled support services capable of handling the most severe incidents.

Before an incident can be dealt with control will need to know what has happened and where. We therefore have a network of radio operators on each special stage, linked through our control centre to all the senior officials. Based on the information received from the marshals and radio operators, a decision is taken on what response is required.

There is always a minimum of one doctor or paramedic available to respond, a rally rescue ambulance staffed with trained volunteers, plus a recovery vehicle, again crewed by trained volunteers, all of whom can reach the scene of an accident quickly.

Remember to keep safe, think before you act. If you are not a local visit and have not yet booked to come over to the island. Check out the details before for more informtion on getting to the island and where to stay. Accommodation
Hotel accommodation, bed and breakfast, self catering, camping. Since both the Manx International Rally and the Manx (National) Rally occure in the summer months it is best to book early, though accommodation should not be too hard to find.

There are two ways to get to the Isle of Man, by boat or by air. Flights are available, though are seen as a more expensive way to get on and off the Island. Many choose to come by boat from England and Ireland, which is more cost effective and has higher passenger availability. It can be very cheap on the boat if you come as a foot passenger without a motor vehicle (Bicycles must be checked in, but are FREE). Note that boats (ferries) are subject to the weather and can be delayed or even canceled in bad weather. Consider this carefully if you have a restricted time frame for your visit (ie connecting boat/ferry, etc).

Watching the Rally
Not all the rally stages are in remote areas, though some are. Spectators should be able to see some of the action from town locations. If you are planning to drive to a rally location, check the road closures before you set out and park.

Manx International Rally
Memorial Hall
Union Mills
Isle of Man
Tel: +44 (0) 1624 852440
Fax: +44 (0) 1624 852441

Manx International Rally

Manx International Rally

Manx International Rally

Manx International Rally

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