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Don't just be a spectator, watch and help out. Marshals are posted all around the Billown Circuit. They help keep the spectators safe and under control, they also keep the general public from walking or driving onto the course during racing. You do not need to be highly trained to be a marshal, just be alert and willing to help out (unexperienced marshals are never stationed alone). There are free training sessions during practice week to inform new marshals of their duties and equipment, it also gives a brush up for existing marshals. The races would not be able to take place without the marshals. They keep the course clear, show warning flags, and offer first response to injured riders.
Contact the TT Marshals Association for more information on being a marshal.

Travelling Marshals
Travelling Marshals are issued with a top performance motorcycle and are assigned to locations around the circuit. Their job is to marshal the course itself. When informed of an incident close to them, they ride out to provide first aid and other more specialised help until the helicopter arrives. When a Travelling Marshal arrives, he/she is in command of the incident and other marshals should follow his/her instructions.
TT Marshals Association

Hogg Motorsports
Hogg Rescue and Hogg Ambulance consists of 15 licensed volunteers, who specialise in motorsport medical services. They attend the main motorcycle racing events as well as car racing events such as the rallys. The team is completely unpaid volunteers and relies on donations from individuals, large organisations and charities to fund and run its equipment.
Motorsport Medical Services

St John Ambulance
A trained volunteer organisation, which covers many racing and non racing events. Their ambulances can be seen around the Mountain Circuit during TT and MGP, offering additional support to travelling marshals and other medical services. They also provide the First Aid Post at the Grandstand. The Isle of Man Branch of St John Ambulance is always looking for new potential members and during busy race times like TT and MGP they are happy to accept members from the UK who want to help out.
St John Ambulance (Isle of Man Branch)

Southern 100 Volunteers

Southern 100 Volunteers

Southern 100 Volunteers - Travelling Marshals

Southern 100 Volunteers

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