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NAME John Harrison
HOME TOWN Douglas, IoM
OCCUPATION House Husband
GENERAL INFORMATION His wife Jane is a casualty doctor at Nobles A&E.
John Harrison at the Bungalow.
Manx Grand Prix 2007
Ridden Motorcycles since he was 16. Started racing in '95 Attained many rostrum positions in the Formula 400 Championship. In the '96 season finished 2nd in the Formula 400 Championship. In '97 competed in the Manx Grand Prix Newcomers C Race and consistently lapped at over 90mph. only to fail to finish the race. '98 found better fortunes in the Manx Grand Prix with a Junior race average of over 93mph and a fastest lap of 100.46mph. In '99 he contested both the Junior and Senior races. The Junior race was stopped after 2 laps due to mist on the Mountain. 84th place and a average lap speed 99mph. With a fastest personal lap of 100.41mph. The Senior race, netted 63rd place and a average lap speed 98.44mph with a fastest personal lap of 101.30mph. In the Year 2000 Ultralight-weight Manx Grand Prix on the Manx-American Racing's Kawasaki ZXR400, Harry finished 17th on the little Kawaker and laped at an average of 93.69mph and a fastest lap of 95.64mph. 2002 saw Harry on a Honda VFR 400 NC30 and with a busy track he lappped in an avarage of 92.2mph with a faster lap of 93.4mph.
Thanks to the rider for this information from his website (17 June 2004)

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John Harrison

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