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MOTORCYCLIST: Sandy Dranfield

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NAME Sandy Dranfield
HOME TOWN Stockport
OCCUPATION Packaging Technologist
GENERAL INFORMATION An 80cc club champion in 2000.
Sandy Dranfield at Signpost Corner, Onchan.
Manx Grand Prix 2004
Sandy is my hero he lives for bike racing. I have only been with him racing a few times, but in the last competition he came 2nd on his 80cc at Aberdare, which is quite scary. Also he has recently raced in the British Superbikes on a 125cc but has concentrated mostly on his 250cc and has the Manx coming up, which I am really looking forward to.
Many thanks to Suzy for this submission (4 August 2004)

Sandy is my oldest freind and Hero. We first met on a motorcycle maintenance college course and started racing in the "Moped Mayhem" races which were great fun, all though most of the focus was on drinking and not mopeds! I have have the greatest respect for him as a freind and motorcycle racer and have felt privileged to have been involved with is career as it has grown with his trophies! If you ask him he will probably tell you that i taught him most of the riding skills he has attained and that he is always likening me to the great Freddy Spencer and Kevin Schwantz! Sandy-I salute you.
Many thanks to Mat for this submission (20 August 2004)

I'm Sandy's Great Uncle and have been proud, neigh privileged to watch Sandy progress through the ranks of motorcycling. He's a great inspiration to both family and friends and has achieved much, even when plagued by serious injuries and mental illness, he has battled on to achieve his dream, an inspiration to us all! He's just about to commence his second Manx. Good Luck son, all our love!
Many thanks to Rupert and Glennis for this submission (20 August 2004)

Good luck sandy for this years Manx! From all the girls at stepping hill hospital psychiatric unit! We knew you'd make it in the end!
Many thanks to Linda for this submission (20 August 2004)

Sandy has been an active worker in the Stockport community for many years always finding time to help with the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts and in recent years Manchester's young offenders, in between having great sucess in motorsports! Good Luck from us all with the Manx.
Many thanks to Clive for this submission (20 August 2004)

Whilst checking out this years entrys for the Manx, I stumbled across Sandy's name and would like to say hello! I was Sandy's first sponsor when he was riding 50cc. Our family has a largely unheard of brewery in Cheshire, Stockport where we make an old english ale called "Owd Dogs Thraps", we sadly lost touch at the time Sandy was taken into hospital and it is nice to see him doing so well again, love and good luck from Roger and family.
Many thanks to Roger for this submission (21 August 2004)

Recentley whilst surfing the web I came across sandys name and was interested to catch up with his succes in racing. We met many years ago at a Velocette owners meeting where sandy was displaying his immaculately restored "Velocette LE". I have spent many an evening tucked away in the corner of an old country pub chatting with Sandy about our shared passion of this remarkble machine, Sandy had spent a considerble amount of time tuning his bike and had managed to get an amazing 9bhp out of his, but he's keeping it a secret! I dont blame him! on his last speed run it managed a top speed of 42mph! I wish him continued succes in his racing at the island and kindest regards.
Many thanks to Charlie for this submission (2 September 2004)

I'd just like to wish Sandy all the best in his racing. I first met him in hospital back in those "dark days", it just goes to show that with determination, and the correct medication, you can achieve your dreams!
Many thanks to Mike for this submission (6 September 2004)

From the first time Sandy took me scouting I've looked to him for inspiration. Sandy always had time for me and the other boys, and was always enthusiastic on our trips, you could tell he realy enjoyed camping. To see him now at the Manx has just added to the legend that is Sandy Dranfield! After such an illness, to show the world what he's made of, good luck and best wishes.
Many thanks to Roger for this submission (6 September 2004)

Hi there Sandy. Hope this goes on your page, I really liked your pictures from this year's Manx TT. I to was a young scout and Sandy helped me achieve my "venture" scout leader patch. I can remember when i joined and I wasn't very good at anything, but Sandy always found time to stop what he was doing with some of the older bigger boys and "prod" me in the right direction. I'm from quite a tough neighbourhood and if it wasn't for Sandy taking time to make sure that there was no racial discrimination in our scout group I would probably be involved with a gang now. He always used to say "black or white, you're all the same on the inside", it actually became are scout club moto. Thanks Sandy.
Thanks to Gary for this submission (28 September 2004)

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Sandy Dranfield

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