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MOTORCYCLIST: Mark Herbertson

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NAME Mark Herbertson
Mark Herbertson (number 24) at Start Line, Douglas.
Manx Grand Prix 2003
I have been racing at the Manx GP since 1994 and have 3 silver replicas and several finishers' medals.

I have only completed in the Classics events during the Manx but would seriously consider a ride at the TT aboard and Honda or another fast Jap.

My whole racing career began in 1979 when I stared on a TD3 250 air cooled Yamaha and raced at many short circuits alongside riders such as Joey Dunlop, Ron Haslem and Steve Hislop.

I progressed onto a TZ 350 and was going to race at the 1988 Manx GP but unfortunately an accident at Ouston in Northumberland caused so much damage to the bike that I could not afford to repair it in time for the Manx. After many years of continued club racing and the move to racing classics I talked my wife into breaking into the housekeeping money and entered on a BSA Goldstar 500 in the senior Classic of 1994.

I was kindly assisted by Dave Storry who the previous year had lapped at 100mph, and decided to retire after a long and successful career of racing on the Island. Dave kindly sent me to the Island with his G50, which he had used the previous year just in case we had problems with the BSA. As it turned out we needed to use Dave G50 because we had major problems with the gearbox on the Goldstar which could not be fixed on the Island.

I started at the back of the field with a racing off number 120 and manage to finish the race in 30th at a race speed of 90.22 wining my first finishers medal.

From this moment on I was hooked and have raced every year since with the exception on Foot and Mouth year 2001.

I have ridden the family Goldstar 1994-2003, a Ducati 250 owned by Richard Shelton 1998-99 (lightweight classic) and a 7R and G50 owned by Alan Hermiston since 2000. I won my first replica on the AJS 7R in 2000 finishing 15th.

I lapped this year 2004 during practice on Alan's G50 at 95.87mph but unfortunately the engine expired with Big end problems at Cronk-Mona the end of the third lap. I did however go onto win another replica in the Junior Classic on the 7R.

I look forward to many more years of racing on the Island and a continued friendship with all the people who make this event the most unique motorcycle road race in the World.
Many thanks to Mark for this submission about himself (10 September 2004)

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Mark Herbertson

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