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NAME David Roper
David Roper at Governor's Bridge.
Manx Grand Prix 2005
David has won more than 15 American Roadracing Championships, and is the only American top win the Manx GP. (1987). He hails from Hicksville, New York and rides for Team Obsolete(G50), Maurice Candy (Candy Manx) and himself on his Aermacchi 250. Currently he is leading the AHRMA 500 Premiere Class posting wins at Mid-Ohio last month. His favorite quote in classic roadracing trophy ceremonies is "Overhead cams are just a fad."
Thanks to Buff for this submission (24 August 2004)

David is truly a class act! One one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet and, if you can keep him in sight long enough, will show you "the" fast way around. I know. I've never been able to beat him yet! Maybe one day in the not too distant future!
Thanks to Steve Mahanes for this submission (26 August 2004)

Dave Roper has been staying with me during the 2004 Manx and is very nice chap. His Atler bike has had problems but he is still keen.
Thanks to Howard for this submission (30 August 2004)

My favourite racer to watch! It was a treat to see him at NHIS in August, and he has the slickest form I've ever seen on his way 'round the famous Mosport circuit, here in Ontario. He was missed by many this year, but who wouldn't have passed it up ... if the option was a trip to the IOM! We can all take a lesson from his easy, casual relaxed manner off the track, too. He's never too busy to talk to a fan. Ride fast - Ride safe!
Thanks to Chris for this submission (30 August 2004)

Correction to Buff's info - Dave Roper has never won the Manx GP, although he has retired several times while leading. He has twice won the Milne Shield (for fastest lap), and once placed second on corrected time by 2.8 seconds, possibly the closest result in the history of the Classic MGP.

David's finest hour was the 1984 Historic TT. He won this event on a Team Obsolete Matchless G-50, and became the only American to ever win a TT at the Isle of Man. This was also the only TT win ever for a Matchless G-50.
Thanks to Rob for this submission (7 September 2004)

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David Roper

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