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Sunrise and Sunset Times

Monthly Variation

As the Isle of Man is about 54.5° north of the equator, the variation in the length of the period of daylight each day throughout the year is relatively high – the longest day of the year, at midsummer, is over 17 hours in length whilst the shortest day of the year, at midwinter, is just 7 hours and 20 minutes in length.

The sunrise and sunset times each month along with the time of local noon (the point at which the sun reaches its highest point in the sky) and the length of the day are summarized in the table below:

Date Sunrise Local Noon Sunset Length of Day
21st January 2024 08:23:41am GMT 12:30:01pm GMT 04:36:21pm GMT 8h 12m 40s
21st February 2024 07:26:35am GMT 12:32:31pm GMT 05:38:28pm GMT 10h 11m 53s
21st March 2024 06:16:47am GMT 12:25:51pm GMT 06:34:56pm GMT 12h 18m 9s
21st April 2024 06:01:31am BST 01:17:24pm BST 08:33:17pm BST 14h 31m 46s
21st May 2024 05:03:56am BST 01:15:17pm BST 09:26:38pm BST 16h 22m 42s
21st June 2024 04:44:13am BST 01:20:09pm BST 09:56:05pm BST 17h 11m 52s
21st July 2024 05:13:39am BST 01:24:17pm BST 09:34:55pm BST 16h 21m 16s
21st August 2024 06:07:13am BST 01:20:40pm BST 08:34:07pm BST 14h 26m 54s
21st September 2024 07:03:05am BST 01:10:32pm BST 07:18:00pm BST 12h 14m 55s
21st October 2024 07:59:10am BST 01:02:18pm BST 06:05:26pm BST 10h 6m 16s
21st November 2024 07:59:14am GMT 12:04:00pm GMT 04:08:46pm GMT 8h 9m 32s
21st December 2024 08:36:58am GMT 12:16:46pm GMT 03:56:34pm GMT 7h 19m 36s
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Daylight Chart

The fluctuation in the time of sunrise and sunset throughout 2024 in Douglas, Isle of Man is illustrated in the following chart.

Graph showing the variation in the length of day and night throughout the year in Douglas, Isle of Man

Note that the disjointed nature of the graph during late March and October is caused by the switch to daylight saving time for the summer months – the time at which this occurs fluctuates slightly from year to year.

The mauve bands between night and day represent the civil twilight just before sunrise and just after sunset during which the sun is below the horizon but on a clear day it is still considered bright enough to work outside without artificial lighting.

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