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Pomanders were aromatic objects that were usually hung from the belt of people in Medieval times. They could be made from oranges, metal or cloth and they held heavily scented herbs and sometimes dried flowers.

The pomanders worked like a personal air freshener - unpleasant smells were probably more common in the Medieval era due to the fairly basic laundry and hygiene facilities, so when walking through areas or coming across less agreeable odours, the pomander could be held up to the nose to bring some relief from the surrounding stench!

In later times, when there was less need for direct action, pomanders were used to keep clothes fresh while handing in the house.

The Monk's at Rushen Abbey would have used cloth and twine to make their pomanders.

Here is how you can make your own.

Take a square (about 8 x 8 inches) of cloth or muslin.
Place some strong smelling herbs (like mint, clove, etc) in the middle.
Take the corners and meet them at the top.
Hold together the corners above the ball of herbs.
Tie with twine or string (about 12 inches) around the ball to close it.
Make sure you leave a long end so you can tie that end to your clothes.
Lift the hanging pomander and bend down to smell.

Many thanks to MNH for providing this information.

Making a Pomander

Making a Pomander

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