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Built: 1942
Capacity: 11.06 M.G.
Disabled: Not recommended
Location: West of Sulby Valley
Max Depth: 38ft
Parking: Available, not close by
Surface Area: 2.3 acres
Type: Fly fish or spin (no live bait)

Constructed during the Second World War and completed in 1945. This reservoir has the capacity of 50,000 cubic metres. Located in a valley between Snaefell in the north, Clagh Ouyr on the east and Slieau Managh in the south. The Block Eary stream flows from the west into the Sulby River. The dam is of concrete gravity dam construction in monoliths using local slate as the coarse aggregate in the concrete. The maximum height is over 16 metres with an upstream face of over 7 metre. In the 1980's the outlet pipework was modified for the hydropower station situated at the confluence of the Block Eary stream and the Sulby river.
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