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Built: 1983
Capacity: 1000 M.G.
Max Depth: 200ft
Parking: Ample, close by
Surface Area: 154 acres
Type: Fly fish or spin


The increasing numbers of visitors to Douglas in the late 1800s called for a more reliable source of water. The Clypse and Kerrowhoo Reservoirs had already been constructed to ease demand, but were not enough.

A single all island water authority was formed in 1974 after dry weather in the south and west prompted change in the event of droughts. The Sulby River was already under consideration as a possible reservoir and by 1976 the site was commissioned. The reservoir became fully operational in 1982 and is the largest reservoir on the Island. Its completion meant the almost complete redundancy of the Block Eairy Reservoir, which was built in the 1940s.


The more adventurous angler should get to areas around Close and Crammag farm ruins.


Sulby Reservoir (capacity 1,000 million gallons) is situated at Tholt y Will on the Sulby River. It is the largest Manx reservoir. Good parking is available off the A14 and a path leads from there to the Lhergy Rhennie area.

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Sulby Reservoir

Sulby Reservoir

Sulby Reservoir

Sulby Reservoir

Sulby Reservoir

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