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Built: 1876
Capacity: 31.91 M.G.
Location: North of Onchan
Max Depth: 40ft
Parking: Ample, close by
Surface Area: 6.3 acres
Type: Fly fishing


As the tourist industry expanded, Douglas saw the need of an additional water source. Commissioned by the Douglas Waterworks Company between 1875 and 1878 The new reservoir was constructed in Onchan using water from the Groudle River. The water surface would cover 6.3 acres and have a depth of 40 feet with an overall capacity of around 32 million gallons. The water level and flow can be controlled by a bywash channel on the east side.

The Clypse Reservoir is the upper of two reservoirs in the Onchan area (the other being the Kerrowdhoo Reservoir), both are feed from the Groudle River. The draw off is a 12 inch diameter pipe for the supple pipe and an 18 inch diameter pipe for the scour pipe both are controlled by valves in the small masonry house at the bottom of the embankment. The overflow from the Clypse runs to the Kerrowdhoo Reservoir. A condition for the purchase of the Kerrowdhoo site was that a supply of water was to be provided in perpetuity to the Kerrowdhoo Farm fields to the west of the reservoir. The catchment area covers 562 acres and rises over 1000 ft at Slieau Meayll.


Fly fishing only is the rule. Brown and rainbow trout of two pounds and more are reasonably common, while much bigger fish can be caught by a skilled angler.


The Clypse and Kerrowdhoo Reservoirs are next to each other. They lie about one and a half miles north of Onchan. A private road runs off the road to Grange Farm. There are locations nearby to park cars.

Clypse Reservoir

Clypse Reservoir

Clypse Reservoir

Clypse Reservoir

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