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Manx Flags

Manx Flag

Manx Flag
(Isle of Man National Flag)

Why the three leg (Tree Cassyn) symbol was adopted by the Isle of Man is unknown, but its existence can be traced as far back as the thirteenth century. It was first used as the coat of armours or armorial bearings by island kings from Norway. By the fourteenth century the symbol was to be found on the Manx Sword of State and by the Seventeenth century it was to be seen on the coinage of the Isle of Man.

A red flag with a 'trinacria' emblem in the centre. The three leg (Trie Cassyn) symbol has many potential origins. It symbolises the Sun, a seat of power and life. The symbol is closely related to the Sicilian legs (naked legs with the head of Medusa in the centre) representing the island of Sicily. Also there is the Norse connection where the three legs (Trie Cassyn) symbol can be found on tenth century Norse coins.

"Quoconque jeceris stabit" translating literally as "Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand."

Tynwald Flag

MacDonald Flag
(Isle of Man Parliament Flag)

The official flag of the Manx Parliament Tynwald. Normally flown on Manx National Day (Tynwald Day). The idea for the flag came from the ancient arms of the Lords of Mann, which depicted a ship with sails furled (This emblem had also been used on notes and coins.). In 1971, the flag was adopted by the Tynwald Arrangements Committee to represent the parliament and its Viking past.

Civil Ensign Flag

Civil Ensign
(Isle of Man Ship Flag)

May be flown by ships registered in the Isle of Man when the owners are Isle of Man residents.

Custom and Excise Flag

Customs and Excise
(Isle of Man Customs Flag)

Lieutenant Governor's Flag

Lieutenant Governor's Flag

Flown by a Governor, Lieutenant Governor, High Commissioner or other officer administering a government. The Isle of Man has a Lieutenant Governor, who is selected by the Lord of Man (Queen Elizabeth II) to represent her on the island.

Manx Constabulary Flag

Manx Constabulary
(Isle of Man Police Flag)

The flag flown by the police force of the Isle of Man, known as the Manx Constabulary.

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