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Isle of Man Cow Parade

Cow Name Artists Designer Sponsor Location Parish Sold
Lazy Daisy Emma Kiver UNKNOWN Friends Provident International Ltd Ronaldsway Airport, Castletown Malew 2600
Mooral of Life Lauren Brew and Geraldine Sowrey UNKNOWN OCRA Worldwide Across from Ramsey Bus Station Albert Square, Ramsey Maughold 2585
Cowasaki Alan Callister UNKNOWN Mrs. Jean Burrell Charitable Trust Southern 100 Start Line, Castletown Arbory 6500
Manx Moo Jade Williams UNKNOWN Isle of Man Creameries Ballabeg Green Car Park (opp. Colby Glen Hotel Arbory 3000
Cream Tees Petrina Kent UNKNOWN Castletown Golf Links Hotel Golf Links Hotel Langness Peninsula, Castletown Malew Not Auctioned
Moonanin Juliette Van Rhyn and Kirsty Buchanan UNKNOWN Mrs. Jean Burrell Charitable Trust Kirk Christ, Malew Parish Church Grounds Rushen 3500
Betty John Bennett UNKNOWN betinternet.com Queens Promenade, Douglas Onchan 2800
Cash Cow Jonathan Barron UNKNOWN Bank of Bermuda Village Green, St Marks Malew 5500
Britney Ella Stiles UNKNOWN Britannia International Ltd Memorial Garden, Main Road, Union Mills Braddan 3000
I Love Man Amelie Brunner UNKNOWN Alliance & Leicester Rose Gardens, Laxey Lonan 2100
Fairy Cow Janet McLaren and Lyndsey Halsall Sophie Cowley Sefton Hotel Promenade Broughs, Spaldrick, Port Erin Rushen 3500
Mona Moo with a View Judith Lynch UNKNOWN Heritage Homes Ltd FORMERLY: Port St Mary Commissioners Office (Grass Area), Promenade, Port St Mary Rushen Re-painted
Ultimate Manx Moo Matt Owen Ryan Forgie Tower Insurance Co. Ltd House of Manannan, East Quay, Peel German 3200
Mona Victor Kneale UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Town Hall Green, Promenade, Port St Mary Rushen 2700
Moo Generation Anna McChesney UNKNOWN Manx Electricity Authority Roundabout, Main Road, Onchan Onchan 4000
Gem of God's Earth Loretta Thompson UNKNOWN Mrs. Jean Burrell Charitable Trust The Speaker's Garden, Castle Rushen, Castletown Malew 8000
First Class Cow Viv Christian, Janet Norris, and Amanda Ansermoz UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Station Road, Mountain View Junction, Ballaugh Ballaugh 3000
Brown Cow Craig Watterson UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tynwald Hill, St Johns Patrick 2500
Puzzled Cow Lucy Jones UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Michael School, Kirk Michael Michael 3500
Air Mooshall Ciara Craig (Douglas Youth Club) Peter Oates UNKNOWN Queens Promenade, Douglas Onchan 2800
IOM Moospapers Jackie Hall and Ben Duke UNKNOWN IOM Newspapers Queens Promenade, Douglas. FORMERLY: St Mary's School, St Mary's Road, Douglas Onchan 2100
One Night Out Matt Owen UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Promenade Broughs, Spaldrick, Port Erin Rushen 4000
Celtic Cross Cow Sarah Carrdon UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Roundabout, Main Street, Onchan Onchan 2100
Club Moo Richard Ebbutt UNKNOWN Shoprite Outside Glenside Residential Home, Victoria Road, Douglas Onchan 2100
Mona Moo with a View Barbara Barker UNKNOWN Heritage Homes Ltd Douglas Head, Douglas Head Road, Douglas Onchan 2100
Knox Cow Judith Lynch and Katie Bell UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Field at Corony Bridge, Maughold Maughold 8500
Celtic Moo Emma Skillicorn UNKNOWN OCRA Courthouse/Police Station, Parliament Street, Ramsey Maughold 2500
Groovy Moo Kay Ormond UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Ballabeg Green Car Park, Ballabeg Arbory 4200
Moosical Cow Michael Stringer UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Memorial Garden, Main Road, Union Mills Braddan 3200
Dougal Danielle Peel UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Crellins Grove Roundabout, Andreas Andreas 2200
Semi Skimmed Milk Laura Kinrade UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Jurby Stores, Jurby Jurby 2000
Cross Cow Samantha Lanyon UNKNOWN UNKNOWN St John's Church, St Johns German 3000
Fast Moover David Guildea UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Laxey Promenade, Laxey FORMERLY: The Sound, Cregneash Rushen/Lonan 3500
Stampede Viv Christian, Janet Norris, Amanda Ansermoz UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Village Green, St Marks Malew 2600
Close En-cow-ner of the Herd Kind Leo Peers & Robert Duncan UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Port St Mary Commissioners Office (Grass Area), Promenade, Port St Mary Rushen 1700
Above is a list of cows known to the Isle of Man Guide. There may be other cows which have been placed around the Island, which we do not know of. The Isle of Man Guide does not place or maintain the cows, we merely offer the information we have as we believe it is of general interest to the public. Cows have been known to MOOve location or even temporarily disappear. We believe our information to be accurate, but cannot guarantee it. The CowParade Isle of Man 2003 is run by the Golden Jubilee Trust. Auction Sold Prices exclude VAT. Total money raised was 110,200.

Many thanks to Jon Wornham (Island Images) for his help in locating cows and putting a name to them.

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