Thursday, May 23, 2024
Isle of Man Cow Parade

Air Mooshall

Ciara Craig (Douglas Youth Club), Peter Oates (Designer)

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Queens Promenade

Air Mooshall

Ciara Craig the Lieutenant Governors solo cowgirl from Douglas Youth Club has created 'Air Mooshal!!!' from a design by Peter Oates. He is the Lieutenant Governor in his RAF Air Marshal uniform. Ciara has worked extremely hard this summer with a brush and spray to create 'Air Mooshal' and we hope the Lieutenant Governor will love the finished product as much as we do at Douglas Youth Club, Kensington Road. His Excellency kindly allowed Ciara look at the real uniform and photographs were taken of specific detailing so 'Air Mooshal' would be representative of the real thing. Look out for him on parade on the Queens Promenade and practise your salute!!!! Many thanks Ken for your submission.

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