Thursday, May 23, 2024

Sealed Knot Castle Rushen Battle Re-Enactment

A fun filled day for all the family as the Sealed Knots from the UK and the Isle of Man bring Castle Rushen back to life. Action throughout the weekend with rifle and gun battles. Find out who will prove to be true loyalists and who will turn out a traitor and be taken to the dungeon.

The women will be busy preparing period food over an open fire and minding playful children. There will be dining in a key castle chamber and some of the castle rooms will be occupied by more noble women who keep to the inner walls with their sewing. Monks attempt to keep the people in good faith, while soldiers keep order.

Plenty of time amongst the excitement to find out how people lived at the castle through talks and demonstrations and of course there is the normal castle tour. Don't miss out.

Castle Rushen Enactment - Encampment

Castle Rushen Enactment - Open Fire Cooking

Castle Rushen Enactment - Cannon or Gun??

Castle Rushen Enactment - Sewing in the Castle

Castle Rushen Enactment - Dining in the Castle

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