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Sandulf's Cross-Slab (No. 131)

Kirk Andreas Cross 131Kirk Andreas Cross 131Kirk Andreas Cross 131Kirk Andreas Cross 131Kirk Andreas Cross 131Kirk Andreas Cross 131

Sandulf's Cross-Slab (No. 131)

A 10th century, Norse cross slab with a shafted cross without a circle on each side. One side has a plait of five on the shaft and s interlacing ring at the top with narrow borders of step pattern and key fret. Above the head is a horizontal band in plait of four, on the shaft is another hand bordered and decorated with twist and ring. Above each arm is figured a bird. The spaces at the sides of the cross show various beasts, a hart pursued by a hound, a hunter on horseback armed with a club, and a boar, on the right a goat, a wolf, a hind and bear, with a running hound at the back of the wolf.

The other side has ring chain on the shaft like that on Thorwald's cross, a small cross with a spiral projection from the ring at either side. Above the head is a design of two triquetras back to back with a central loop. At the side of the shaft are breasts, a stag follow by a knotted serpent, an ox and a boar. Below the cross is a robed figure on horseback, one hand on the reins, the saddle is visible at the front and at the back of the rider below the cross is an incised figure of a wolf. This wolf maybe a play on the name Sand wolf, who set up this monument in memory of his wife, Arinbjorg here represented seated on her horse. The inscription up one side reads: Sont, Ulf, hin, Suarti, raisti, krus, thona, aftir, Arin, Biaurk, kuinu, sina. Sandulf the black raised this cross to the memory of Arinbjorg his wife. (This is a rare instance, where a woman with a Scandinavian name is recorded in Manx Runic (Celtic) inscription.

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