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Gaut's Cross No. 101

Gaut's Cross at Kirk MichaelGaut's Cross at Kirk Michael

Gaut's Cross Slab (no. 101)

Probably the latest piece carved by Scandinavian sculptor Gaut (around 900AD). The head is in the style introduced by Gaut and also the tendril development of the twist. These became the characteristic designs for Manx art during this period. To the left of the shaft is a plait of four. The other face bears a plait of five on the shaft with a twist and ring to to the left and a linked twist to the right.

The inscription reads: Mail, Brikti, sunr, Athakans, smith, raisti, krus, thano, fur, salu, sina, sin, bru kuln, Kaut, kirthi, thano, auk ala, I maun. Meaning - Mael Bridge son of Athankan the smith erected this cross for his own soul (and that of) his brother's wife. Gaut made this and all in Man.

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