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Osruth's Cross No. 107

Osruth's Cross (no. 107)Osruth's Cross (no. 107)Osruth's Cross (no. 107)

Osruth's Cross (no. 107)

The shaft of a Norse Cross Slab from the 10th century was found in the old church of St John's after its demolish in 1850.

The decorated face shows an interlacing pattern in the ring chain design. The right edge bears a simple decoration of curved diagonal strokes. The left edge carries an inscriptionin Norse Runic lettering reading, 'In Osruthr: Raist: Runer: Thsar:' meaning 'But Osruth carved these ruins.' The upper edge portion of the cross is missing. It probably bore the name of the man or woman to whose memory the stone was originally set up.

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