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No. 98

Kirk Maughold Cross No. 98Kirk Maughold Cross No. 98Kirk Maughold Cross No. 98

No. 98

A large rectangular slab. One side has a cross with equal limbs up and down, but with very short arms. The cross is bordered with a plain bead design. Above the arms of the cross is a angular key pattern. On the shaft is a figure of the Virgin and Child. On the upper limb is a figure with hands raised in blessing with pastoral staff at his side to indicate a Bishop or Abbot. The figure of a cock, a symbol of the Resurrection, is now almost worn away.

The other side is divided into two panels, the space between them decorated with crushed key and spirals. The upper panel is bordered and contains a cross similar to on the other side. Above the right arm is a plain twist design and below looped design. Above the left arm is an unfinished key pattern and below is a plait of three. The lower panel on the left side has two stags and a hound, as well as some scroll work. On the right side is a belted rider on horseback with plait of four below.

One edge of the cross has a curved line design with dots (small indentations). The other edge has a key fret design, as well as interlacing rings plait of three with pellets and double spirals all within a border.

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