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Grim's Cross No. 126

Grim's Cross in Kirk MichaelGrim's Cross in Kirk Michael

Grim's Cross (no. 126)

Twice pieces each showing the shaft of a cross and the beginning of a ring connecting limbs. One shows double twist, diamond shaped rings, plain twist and ring and a decorative tendril pattern. The other face had a ring chain on the shaft. The spaces at the sides are occupied with figures. Here we see Odin, armed with a spear and preceded by his wolves. Below Odin is the great fish of Valhalla. Left of the shaft, heroes fighting on Idavoll the hunting of the boar of Saebrimner. After feasting on the boar, Thor would wave his hammer over the bones and bring them back to life. Above the fallen hero is a robed figure, perhaps representing the Archangel Michael, who was the over thrower of demons and the workers of evil.

Inscription:..., Krus, thna, ift, Rumun, bruthur, sun, sin. Meaning Grim raised this cross to the memory of IIromund his brother's son.

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