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Joalf's Cross Slab No. 132

Joalf's Cross Slab at Kirk MichaelJoalf's Cross Slab at Kirk Michael

Joalf's Cross Slab (no. 132)

Each face is carved with a cross. The limbs of the cross connect into a circular ring. The cross is decorated with a plait of eight with four breaks giving the appearance of panels. Above and below the ring are triquet designs, below on each side is a decorative cross followed by a large boss of four triquetras. The rest of the space features subjects, stags and hounds, a man on horseback and a riderless horse. Below on the shaft are two pelleted dragons interlaced and a figure of a stag attacked by a hound.

The other face shows Gaut's design. The bands goes down the shaft to form with two others in a double twist interlaced with diamond shaped rings. Above the head of the cross is a large figure of a stag followed by a hound. At the back of the stag, a bird is pursued by a larger one. At one side of the shaft a man on horseback followed by a spare horse. The other side has a bull and ram fighting a conventional bird and horse.

Inscription: Iualfir, sunr, Thurulfs, hins, Rautha, risti, krus, theaft, Frithu, muthur, sino. Meaning Joalf son of Thoorolf the Red erected this cross to the memory of Fritha his mother. (Joalf is figured above the ring with a spear in his right head and a small shield in his left.)

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